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Total Redesign!! (Check the Pics!)

The classic "Stone Tech" spoon with the addition of "Gemstone" colors on the head and two big dots for a precious stone effect!

The redesign makes the Gemstone effect MUCH more apparent further separating them from the Classic Stones.

For the discerning, more refined Stone Customers!! 🧐 (Pinky in the air!)

Sold in a mix of Official Stone Colors as well as contrasting Gemstone Colors!

Gemstones come with STG Pack Protector!


Each Stone is hand made in house by one of our highly skilled #StoneTechnicians.

While each Stone is unique, we work hard to make them consistent so collectors can know what to expect!

Push size can vary based on product, but rest assured we have carefully considered the appropriate size and depth for each Stone product.

This Stone product is on average 3.5" - 4" long. There will be some minor variances.