Stone Stack Dry

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A lot can happen while making Stones. We take pride in our skill and consistency. That doesn't mean we don't break or ruin the occasional Stone. Maybe the head is a little wonky, maybe we cracked something, maybe this Stone just got away from us. Either way we save what's salvageable and set these small Stone sections aside for a rainy day.

It was a Friday. End of the day and I had finished my work for the week. Fresh Batch of Skipping Stones finished up. There were still a couple hours left in the day.

I went around and collected all the small sections from the other #StoneTechnicians.

With no real plan, I assembled this first of its kind Stone Cairn (Stone Stack).

Dry Stone. Very tall. Over 6 inches. Stands up. Is a 1 off unique Stone. Took a while to put together, but was fun!

Not sure if an STG Pack Protector will fit. If it does, it will of course ship with one!